Doendoe specializes in Doenya brand leather goods and clothing. Doenya has been designing unique leather clothing, bags, belts, shoes and other fashion items since 2001.

All production takes place under Doenya management and on a strictly fair trade basis. Suppliers are small artisan studios where workers are respected and earn a decent wage. Materials are sourced from a number of countries and combined into unique items.

Antique textiles and jewelry are incorporated into skirts and bags resulting in exclusive and unique pieces for you to cherish and enjoy.

Born from deep love of beautiful leather and unique details, Doenya makes products of which none are exactly alike. The quality of the leatherwork and the one-of-a-kind details ensure that your Doenya piece is exclusively yours. The items are produced in small artisan studios in a nummer of countries like Pakistan, India, Morocco and Indonesia. The workers are treated with respect and earn a decent wage.

All products are lovingly created out of high quality organic leather. Because all products are handmade out of natural materials there may be small differences between the image online and the item you receive. Your every purchase is unique.

Fair Trade Production

Stylish and Innovative Design

High Quality Materials